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Transportation Services

If your pet passes unexpectedly at home, Peaceful Pet Home, LLC, offers transportation services for the remains of your beloved pet.

         It is sad and unfortunate when your beloved pet dies suddenly, often sooner than expected, at home.  In addition to your sadness and grief, you are left with the burden of what to do with your pet’s remains and how to handle that.  If you should find yourself in that situation, Peaceful Pet is equipped to handle your pet’s remains promptly and respectfully.  We will be there to help you care for your cherished pet after passing and make the necessary arrangements for cremation, including transportation of your pet.   If you do not wish to bury your pet on your personal property we can assist you with the following:
  •  Body Pick Up and Transportation to the service of your choice.
  •  Arranging for Cremation

There are several types of cremation services available:

  1. Communal---Several pets are cremated together.
  2. Individual---Pets are cremated at the same time, but separated in the crematorium so that ashes can be collected and labeled individually.
  3. Private---Pets are cremated individually, one pet at a time.

Peaceful Pet can answer any questions you may have.  Please call 520-284-2400.