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When we arrive at your home we will introduce ourselves and meet you and your pet. We will explain the procedure (below) and ask you to find a place inside or outside your home where you and your pet would be most comfortable completing this process. We will answer any questions or concerns you may be having. Any appropriate paperwork will be filled out at this time.

The actual procedure is quite simple and peaceful. Our goal is for your pet to experience the most peaceful and comfortable end of life. It begins with the administration of an injectable sedative to help ease any distress or anxiety your pet may be experiencing. Within minutes of the injection your pet will become sedated and sleepy. Once your pet is resting, the doctor will administer a second injection, a large dose of anesthesia. This will stop respiration and heartbeat and will take a few moments to take effect. (In order to find a prominent vein and do this most effectively, the doctor or technician will have shaved off a small patch of hair on one of your pet’s legs prior to giving the injection.) Once the doctor has checked the heart and confirmed that your pet has passed, the doctor and staff will give you some privacy and an opportunity to be alone with and say good-bye to your beloved friend.

The  body is covered and removed per your instructions to the doctor and staff prior to the procedure. Some options are: Home burial, cremation (no ashes returned) or special cremation ( ashes returned). In the case of cremation, the remains are carefully labeled and transported to a reliable crematorium in whom we have great confidence, having our passed  inspection and met our high standards. Your pet’s ashes will be   Held for your pick up at Tanque Verde Pet Hospital 6571 E. Tanque Verde Rd., 

Our goal is to prepare you and your family for the passing of your pet and make the process as loving, peaceful and respectful as possible for all involved. (520) 284-2400