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Cremation Services

Peaceful Pet Cremation Services Available and How It Works

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At the inception of Peaceful Pet, we felt that it would be very unsettling for families to be left with their departed pet's body while waiting for a cremation service to pick it up. It can sometimes take several hours for the service to get to the home. That was simply not in line with the kind of service we wanted to provide. So instead, we opted to not only provide consultation to the family and perform the euthanasia but also to transport their beloved pet to the crematorium so the families did not have to endure seeing their deceased pet for what could be a long period of time. We knew that transporting their cherished pet, would require more effort on our part and be somewhat more costly for the family but we felt this was more in alignment with the level of compassionate service we provide.

That said, cremation services are an integral part of what Peaceful Pet has to offer, assisting our clients in completing the final arrangements for their beloved pet.  More often than not, our clients choose cremation.

As for the history of cremation services in Tucson, some time ago, stories of unethical crematory services surfaced regarding the unregulated pet cremation business.  Owners, thinking they had paid for proper cremations, discovered that their pets had been buried in a dump site, burned in a bonfire in the desert or some similar tragic ending.  Others, asking for the ashes of their pets after cremation received ten pounds of ashes back for a three pound pet.  After allegations of this nature surfaced and were verified, the Arizona State Board of Veterinary Examiners stepped in to put a stop to these unethical and barbaric practices.  Knowing the pitfalls of some unethical pet crematory services, Dr. Hinsch and his Peaceful Pet staff did extensive research on Arizona pet crematoriums, leading them to Lasting Paws based in Douglas, Arizona. Lasting Paws, unlike some crematoriums, deals exclusively with pet cremation as that is their sole focus and specialty. Peaceful Pet utilizes the services of   Lasting Paws exclusively, with confidence, knowing that the service they provide matches the high quality standards held by Dr. Hinsch and his staff at Peaceful Pet.  Pet owners can be assured that their pet is being handled with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Each pet is tracked electronically through the entire process, start to finish.  Pets are transported in cooled trucks to the Douglas, Arizona facility.  Each step of the transportation and cremation is electronically monitored and verified.  Several variations of crematory services are offered.  The price of the cremation is determined according to which service the client requests and the weight of the pet. Services are listed here from highest to lowest cost.

  • Individual---Pets are cremated simultaneously, but separated in the crematorium so that ashes can be collected and labeled individually.  If this service is chosen, a metal numerical identification tag is included in your pet’s ashes, a further assurance of identification for the pet’s owner. Ashes are returned to the owner.
  • Communal---Several pets are cremated together.   If this service is chosen, ashes are spread on farm fields selected by the crematorium to be mixed in with and enrich the soil for all time.

We have found that the majority of our clients choose cremating their pets over burials as it makes dealing with the pets remains a seamless, less cumbersome and much less stressful process for the owners.

For some, deciding what to do with a pet’s remains can be a difficult choice but Dr. Hinsch and his staff assist their clients in making that decision.  They see to it that they are available to help pet owners throughout the entire process, whatever their choice, assuring them that their pets are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.